Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Dear Birth Peeps,
I have long been a fringe birth activist. I have been wanting to post "Occupy Birth" on this blog, but I don't feel I know enough or can remember all the statistics and arguments to make strong argument s as compelling as the activists we admire.  And, when I study the trends in obstetrics and midwifery, I easily fall prey to my Victim/Judge.  So, I watch from the sidelines and consider the arguments, I read, think, and wait... while I try to cultivate the Huntress/Warrior to carry my arguments and actions forward.

This morning I felt/heard a Call, it came one of our long-distance Birth Story Listening students, Shelley, who wrote a thoughtful post on our forum, and she shared a video with us that I want to pass on to Birth Peeps.

Here's the scoop: "Women are rallying for a December protest at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital in San Diego, which has the highest cesarean rate in the state of California. The larger purpose is to draw attention to the Cesarean epidemic issue/problem in our society. A doula and childbirth educator in the community put together this video clip to inform and inspire people to join in the movement. This video has been posted on FB, and it's going around like crazy."


This video is very well done and really fires you up. The message is simple and clear and a call to action. I would like to stand with the women at this rally in San Diego. I hope some of you will be there, or organize a similar gathering where you live.

I need to gestate my thoughts on hearing and changing the Collective Birth Story... but for now...
I wanted to pass this video on to all of you.



  1. Side note - it's the highest c-section rate in our city not the state but as educators, birth professionals and moms - we are simply fed up with these policies that ensure nothing but surgery. If we, as women, don't take a stand - who will? Our babies cannot, the hospital isn't going to do it, our insurance companies don't seem to mind the big birth bills,drug companies - yeah right and the docs? WE HAVE TO BE THE VOICE THEY HEAR... we will start here in our own backyard- but come Labor Day - it needs to be statewide. And we will assemble, nationally, to be heard...Thanks for spreading the word and video!

  2. This is a great way tko suport the changes that we need to see in birth." Occupy Birth" is wonderful.
    My best friend, Shana Ritter and I started an "Occupy Breastfeeding" page a few weeks ago... With the idea being that formula companies have been duping Moms for decades.. Please visit our page.
    Thanks, Victoria

  3. Sharp Mary Birch is the only hospital in San Diego exclusively for women. We have the largest inpatient Perinatal Special Care Unit in the county, caring for those experiencing high risk pregnancies — with complications such as preterm labor, placenta previa or maternal cardiac disease.

    As a result, Mary Birch has a higher C-section rate than hospitals that don’t care for women with high-risk pregnancies.

    If a mom’s and baby’s health are put at risk by a vaginal delivery, a Cesarean would be the choice for delivery — a decision made by both mom and her doctor.

    For more info: http://www.sharp.com/en/mary-birch/sharp-mary-birch-c-sections.cfm

  4. Very true - Mary Birch does care for the high risk mothers - that accounts for only 6% of the C-section rate there. No one is questioning those - we are grateful for medical technology when it is needed.
    Scripps La Jolla has told moms the same thing - their C-section rate is high because they have so many practices that take exclusively high risk moms. If all the hospitals with higher rates are saying that - it makes us wonder if it's really true or if it is just said to make us not question the practices there.

  5. Yes, Care.....same thing at UCSD Medical Center. Thanks for the clarity on that.

  6. Christine DEspositoMarch 7, 2012 at 2:08 PM

    Not specifically birth related, but in the spirt of Occupy and of initiation, this is a good article,

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