Saturday, February 28, 2015

Take Your Baby on a Color Walk
When you feel your child move in your belly, your connection to nature and the mystery of life awakens. For the first time in years, you may notice birds making their nests in the spring, feel especially tender toward baby animals, or be aware of buds unfolding. You may enjoy quiet moments during a busy day to commune with your growing child. A color walk is a lovely practice that fits naturally with this awakening to nature and your baby still cocooned in his dark, watery world.
   Once a week, take a leisurely walk and describe to your baby the world of color and beauty that is waiting for him out here. Choose a different color every week. Wherever you take your walk, through a city park, on the beach, along the river or mountain path, or down a bustling city street, be your baby’s eyes and tell your baby about everything of that color.
   Your narration might sound like this: Look, this shirt is red . . . There are hundreds of roses bursting in red . . . The petals are very soft, like your velvet-soft skin . . . Can you hear the red truck?. . . There’s our red mailbox. I wonder what the letter carrier is bringing . . . “

Even before your baby is born, taking him on a color walk begins building a playful relationship with your baby. On a color walk, you are not just walking to get from here to there or performing an exercise routine. Even before birth, nurturing your relationship with your child helps you to see as a child sees and to be delighted with the smallest miracles in nature.

Today it is a winter white day in Albuquerque. It snowed more last night than it has since some time in the 1930's. So today's color is WHITE. Take your baby on a White Winter Walk. Tell your baby about snow, about mittens and boots and how someday you will build a snowman together! When you drink hot chocolate, tell your baby about hot chocolate and marshmallows. Your little one growing within is a "sheep" (Chinese Astrology), so s/he will be plenty warm and cozy in you!

On my walk I took pictures of snowy madonnas.  Here is one to celebrate the Great Mother, in nature, and within you.