Monday, August 30, 2010

A Year Long Blog Theme

Hi Birth Peeps,
Now that the blog is up, and you are starting to find us... I am thinking about what kind of theme I would like to have for the year. Please give me feedback on which of the topics I'll propose speak to you. Or perhaps you have an idea.

I would like to write you three times a week about:

  • A Year Following the Map of Birth as a Heroine's Journey

  • A Year of Delicious Great Stories about Life, Birth and Initiation-- one a month.

  • Fifty Ways to Change Birth in Our Culture

Any other ideas....


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Hopi Newborn Ritual

Hello Birth Peeps and Friends,
It's a lovely evening in New Mexico. I've been reading a well used, old book by Frank Waters, "Book of the Hopi" published in 1963 by Ballentine.

It is a rich account of the Hopi "Road of Life" willingly shared by some thirty Hopi elders who wanted to help Waters write about their way of life and ceremonies.

There is one bit piece about childbirth:

"Their birth too is associated with the east and with the sun. For twenty days after birth every newborn child is kept in darkness. Then at dawn he is carried to the east and held up to the rising sun, the mother saying, 'This is your child.'"


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Welcome to Birth Peeps

For years I've wanted a smaller, personal website to connect with friends, parents, and peers here in New Mexico--and of course, everywhere. So wherever you live, please join Birth Peeps and create an ongoing dialog about the mystery and magic in life and birth. This blog is also a place to look at our personal dream and the dream of the planet. And to talk about delicious books, videos, the arts.

Check out the new website, . Still needs a little tweaking.
I need more photos for the website. If you have photos and stories about birth art, or your baby... and you want to share them on my website, please send them with your consent.

I'm going to an open drawing session tonight with my son, Lucien. Looking forward to using the other side of my brain!