Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Welcome to Birth Peeps

For years I've wanted a smaller, personal website to connect with friends, parents, and peers here in New Mexico--and of course, everywhere. So wherever you live, please join Birth Peeps and create an ongoing dialog about the mystery and magic in life and birth. This blog is also a place to look at our personal dream and the dream of the planet. And to talk about delicious books, videos, the arts.

Check out the new website, . Still needs a little tweaking.
I need more photos for the website. If you have photos and stories about birth art, or your baby... and you want to share them on my website, please send them with your consent.

I'm going to an open drawing session tonight with my son, Lucien. Looking forward to using the other side of my brain!



  1. Hello Pam! Good stuff, love the blog, you've got great taste, check out mine:

    Hugs, Kimberly Rivers

  2. Hi Pam, It will be great to have you around more locally, hopefully we can reconnect sometime soon. Love, Marie Meakin

  3. Hi Kimberly, You are my very First blogger. Robert is coaching me tonight on how to do this. A new learning curve.

    Hi Marie! Long time no hear! Would love to get together...

  4. Pam,
    Great to see you tapping into the's the best way for all of us to share ideas and keep in touch around the globe! You are doing such important work and I think of you often. Miss you and hope to reconnect soon!! Take care,
    Karen W from Edmonton

  5. Hey Pam! I love this creation in motion. I am 5 months pregnant, and once I have some real live birth art to share, I am happy to post pictures!

    Please feel free to check out my blog too. . .it's a bit dusty, but I will be wiping her clean soon enough:

    Danielle Marie Gutshall

  6. Pam, this is great - I know I'm going to enjoy reading your ideas.

    Have you seen Amy Swagman's birth mandalas? I always think of the section about birth art in your book when I visit her site.