Thursday, April 7, 2011

#25 continued....

Dear Birth Peeps,

As I write you this morning, my bags are packed and I am preparing to fly to the ICAN Conference in St. Louis where I am giving a talk on essentially the Return portion of the hero's journey. During her Return, the would be-hero (she's not a hero until she completes the Return) must pass through the nine birth story Gates. Or she will will remain in the "underworld" of birth--where she will have plenty of company in our culture! More on that later.

Today I wanted to take my readers from the beginning, so you can understand the profound possibilities in seeing birth as a hero's journey. And so, in my mandala, we begin in the North. (This is still the it develops, I'll return to this image...) You see a "Fallopian Flower" and her ripe egg/seed, and a baby falling toward the circle, which represents the world, her world, her life, the beginning of her journey.

An innocent human being is born into a world, a culture, a family, a religion, a certain kind of diet, and millions of beliefs, assumptions, Rules... and the Child begins to learn. At first the learning is unconscious, then when language and reason develops, the child becomes conscious of what s/he is learning. But, learning is always unconscious, the conscious mind just realizes or articulates what has been learned.

That's all I have time for today, we will continue....


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