Friday, April 22, 2011

#25 continued... Spider Woman's Drawing

Hi Birth Peeps,

We are going to go out of sequence. I've been working daily on the mandala painting, making the geometrical lines and shapes more exact, and many minor changes. Here's a photo of the whole mandala... in progress.

A few days ago I woke up and the muse said, "Put the Spider Woman Drawing above the bones." I got out of bed, made tea, and painted in my pajamas.

When I first saw the Spider Woman Drawing in a Through the Labyrinth by Herman Kern, it drew me in, even before I knew the story about it. My eye, and my finger wanted to trace it over and over. Here is the story (it's in the Labyrinth of Birth)--in case you haven't read it, I'll include it here:

"When death comes to the stone-age people of Malecula, an island in the South Pacific, the dead person's soul approaches the entrance to the underworld and finds it guarded by Le-Le-Lev, the Spider Woman. Le-Le-Lev draws a single unbroken line in the sand, then erases half of it. The dead person's soul has to complete the drawing to be allowed to enter. If s/he has prepared for her/his "death," she/he will know how to draw it...and will then pass to the underworld where there is a beautiful lake (representing the Water of Life). If the person is not prepared, cannot complete the labyrinth... then Spider Woman will eat them.

I was very surprised when this wanted to be painted in... it is here for now, but it might be covered up. Tomorrow I will post yesterday's painting and story.

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