Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Your Call is an Invitation to Awaken the Love Warrior

Dear Birth Peeps,

When we prepare for birth as a hero’s journey, we begin with hearing our Call and answering this Call (whether we are aware of this or not). This Call—to act, to know, to do something you have not done before and that may even seem out of reach!--comes from Love itself; it is an Invitation to love yourself, to become your own Love Warrior. . . a Birth Warrior.

When I say the Call invokes you to act or to “do,” it is not necessarily to “do something” for the sake of achieving, let’s say, your fantasy fabulous birth or any other personal goal (although by Grace our actions may lead--or seem to contribute--to that desired result. This Call is answered from our Soul, not from our ego, not to Get something for ourselves. We are compelled to answer the Call, and in so doing, there is no attachment to outcome, there is no pride, no getting.  

It is about Doing What Needs to Be Done Next—and nothing extra. 

The Calls to Love and to Be and to remember who we are are coming to us all the time. The Call—to Love yourself, to bring your True Love to this moment of your life, to Be authentic—is coming to you as you read this blog, and again, with your next breath! We wee, but busy and important, humans often don’t tune into it because we are distracted in our hectic lives and world.

There are infinite ways to be called; the Invitation might come to you suddenly almost as an inner whisper in an unexpected moment, or in a dream, or one might be awakened by a call in the midst of the Ordeal of labor or while reading an article.

The Call is not about achieving, it is about your heart’s longing. 

Oriah Mountain Dreamer describes her own Call in her book, The Call, as “a long wail of my heart [that] opened to its own longing.” She goes on to say, “Our longing may be just the beginning, just a door into a deeper knowledge of what we are and why we are here, but it is a necessary beginning. We cannot go deeper into our lives or the world [or I interject, into our childbearing year as a hero] until the heart has had its say, until the heart has been heard.”

You have to Hear your Call before you can Answer it, that is, before you can Live the answer. 

Women are often directed to: “listen to your self,” or to “listen to your body.” This advice sounds sage, but! most modern women have never been taught to meditate, contemplate, to listen-in, or how to differentiate the feeling of intuition from the feeling of fear, or their own sense of danger that requires action from everyone else’s imagined fear.

Knowing your Heart’s Question is central to preparing for birth as a hero’s journey.

One way to tune into your Call is to tune into your heart’s longing. If that conditioned part of you says, “You can’t do that because….”, or “So-and-so will get mad if you do that…”, keep listening. . . Is this Voice of Doubt or caution coming from your Love Warrior or your Inner Child that wants to please and avoid getting in trouble or grounded!?

Listen deeply, earnestly, patiently. Feel … find your heart’s longing and intuition… Listen within for that one heartfelt Question that is tucked away. This step awakens your Huntress archetype.

Once you have it, write in on the wall of your heart, or on your bathroom mirror, and say it to yourself often during ordinary moments of every day—Don’t wait until you are meditating, or in a crisis, or in labor to remember your longing, your Question…

Ask yourself your Question during ordinary moments every day. Live the answer. 

Your Heart’s Question is a living question which means you are compelled to live the answer in any given moment—even this moment—not just in labor. There are no wordy, logical answers to this question—you will manifest the answer with your whole being in the way you breathe, walk, talk, and live. Living the answer to your deepest question will form new habits of thinking and responding--and cultivate the Birth Warrior in you.

A few Examples:
What does this moment need?
How am I opening to this moment?
How am I bringing my Love to this moment?
When I speak my truth, what do I say next?

Please, share your Heart's Question, your Living Question, here... to help inspire others. Maybe you have had a life-changing experience by taking up this practice... please inspire others with your story.




  1. What would love do?

  2. Christine D'EspositoOctober 12, 2011 at 2:13 PM

    How am I reflecting Spirit Now?

  3. How do I live this moment with Grace?

  4. In this moment, right now, what am I doing to break open my heart so that it can contain the Universe?

  5. On what am I focusing my attention in this moment? (...and this moment, and this moment, and this moment, and this moment :)...)

  6. Dear Pam,
    Reading and re-reading this post has inspired me to speak more to "The Call" when leading the Finding the Question exercise. I am not sure if this is something that you want to address here, and if it's not, I totally understand. But the question arose for me if it is wise to mention the refusal of the call when working with parents. I can see how it would be helpful to parents to know that it is a normal step to refuse the call at first (I know it would have been validating for me to hear back when I was refusing the call!). I'm not sure exactly why it wouldn't be a good thing to discuss, but the idea does make me feel hesitant. If you'd like, can you speak more to this? I would love some clarity about how to proceed. Thank you!
    Love :)! Katherine

  7. The Question and The Call have become such hot topics for me since my birth and since beginning to work with parents again. I finally feel as though I really "get" it and how powerful digging for the "answer" can be.

    How am I living my authentic self?

    Each time I ask, I am drawn deeper. What is my authentic self? Which are the Lies and which are me? And it has brought me into increasingly authentic communication with others, particularly my "students" as that's when it's easiest to remain mindful!

  8. What Would Love Do?
    Ah yes, then do it!
    Thank you all for your comments, I have responded to most privately.

    This morning I am asking myself, Have I done what has come my way today to Occupy Birth? There is always more to do than can be done. And there is resistance and defeat in the face of what is happening... which can lead to non-action or reaction. So, I am checking in with my Call to Action...

  9. I have been mulling over this for several days because my question used to be How am I bringing Love to this moment? But where I am at now, there is something else that needs to be asked, and I have not been able to find the word for it. How am I honoring my Self in this moment?

    I am still not sure this is right, I am still sitting with it, turning it over, seeking other words. The question is about how I am standing on my own two feet, commanding my own life instead of seeking approval from others. I will continue to consider it.

  10. I"m still working on this, but right now my question has something to do with/ is something like: what would I do/ be if I never had to explain myself to anyone? -ivy Anna

  11. As I was reading this blog I had an Ah-ha moment, as I thought I had found my deepest question "Have I stepped off the path" I get so excited and inspired by life, I have so many interests, then I get stuck and overwhelmed, not knowing where to direct my attention and I feel scattered.

    This is where I step off my path, or take a detour of distraction, the victim child leading my innocent child away from the playground of exploration, fun & risk, for risk of failure or criticism. Then the Judge follows me around pestering in my ear, taking joy in kicking my procrastinating behind.

    So for me I think that my deepest question is a call to action, to step back onto the path when I hear that pesky voice of the judge with comments of self doubt and dis-couragment.

    Then I read the other comments and I become unsure again, am I digging deep enough or am I being too shallow as other seem to be altruistic having Love as a basic ingredient in their deepest question. Maybe I can be happy that it's a start and there's more deep soul searching to be done.

    Lynda <3

  12. How can I create what is needed here?