Monday, February 28, 2011

Change #20 An Opportunity to Learn Our Pain Coping Approach LD

Dear Peeps,

We patiently teach children to cross the street, step-by-step (even though most could probably learn on their own if we let them take their chances--teaching them how to do it--and making them practice with us increases their chances of success).

Birth stories are the most powerful teacher we have, and every birth story is teaching our young and pregnant woman how to cope, or not cope, with the intensity and unknown of labor.

Building a pain-coping mindset is not a "belief." It is learned through repetition, practice, and small successes. It is embodied knowing, embodied in the nervous system.

So learning how to help parents realize what they have already learned, unlearn it, and learn a new mindset is critical to changing birth in our culture.

Virginia is figuring out the technology so we can offer YOU, our Birth Peeps, a pod cast or a Conference Call to share more of the BFW practical approach to building a pain-coping mindset--so you can begin sharing this with parents.

Stay Tuned,


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