Monday, August 30, 2010

A Year Long Blog Theme

Hi Birth Peeps,
Now that the blog is up, and you are starting to find us... I am thinking about what kind of theme I would like to have for the year. Please give me feedback on which of the topics I'll propose speak to you. Or perhaps you have an idea.

I would like to write you three times a week about:

  • A Year Following the Map of Birth as a Heroine's Journey

  • A Year of Delicious Great Stories about Life, Birth and Initiation-- one a month.

  • Fifty Ways to Change Birth in Our Culture

Any other ideas....



  1. I vote for the Heroine's Journey!

  2. Thank you for this blog ~ I like the "Fifty Ways to Change Birth in our Culture". I recently had two conversations with women who are both in their third trimester. Both are very apathetic about birth - one is planning a C/S, simply because she doesn't want to go through labor. I would love to see your "Fifty Ways" to help these women and others like them understand the power, mystery and joy of birth.

  3. I like them all -- top two would be Heroine's Journey and 50 ways. I'm excited to see your words in this format!

  4. I am mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually digesting the heroine's journey- my own and that of birthing women- on a daily basis since the Advanced BFW Retreat in May. I would love to share this topic with you and everyone on a regular basis.

    Regardless of the theme we choose, though, this blog and your work are such a gift for us and the families we work with. Thank you Pam.